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fredag, juli 29, 2016

Yoga & meditaion - workshop

Tisdag den 2:a augusti kl 10 - 15.

A day for you to immerse yourself in yoga and inner peace. Welcome to the temple on top of the hill at Rosenhill. The sound of birds and nature will be a part of the background music. Whether you’re an experienced yogi or a curious newbie this will be a beautiful getaway to refresh and rejuvenate. 

BIO: Åsa Rudehill is a previous dancer and trained in different schools of body work. She is also a passionate yoga- and Ascension meditation teacher with a burning desire for exploring our consciousness - the space of stillness and ease, which is reflected in the way she teaches. As a psychologist and working with yoga and meditation she loves to empower others to find their full potential and peace within. She is known for her energizing, creative and spiritually inspiring yoga classes. Her approach to teaching yoga is to guide into an organic, more and more subtle and internal experience. Åsa is inspired by meetings with Life, challenges, the presence, many teachers and styles of yoga, dance, biomechanics, bioenergetics, improvisation and her own way of finding connections in her body. She is amazed by how the body’s movement can evoke so much power, freedom and joy in life.

When? 10-12 yoga flow , 12-13 lunch, 13-15 soft yoga and meditation, 15 optional raw fika and swim

What to bring? Yoga mat, Note book, Swimming clothes + towel if you want to join for a swim right after the last class.

What Rosenhill provides?
Water, coffee and tea, Blankets, Towels

The workshop will be held in Swedish, and English if needed

750 SEK (2 yoga workshops and lunch)
+ 50 SEK for raw fika, pay on the day, or in advance
BG: 838 - 5023

Booking is required
Reserve a place directly with Åsa
rudehill@gmail.com / 0730296202
Very limited spaces. Some more info at https://www.facebook.com/events/1650915818501542/

tisdag, juli 05, 2016

Indisk Afton med Palace on Wheels

Onsdag  den 10:e augusti

En kär tradition, ett helt unikt sällskap bestående av

Stian Grimstad -Surbahar (Poorva Express) 
Hugo Widén -Tabla (Shivganga Express) 
KG West -Sitar (Shivganga Express) 
Moa Danielsson-Grimstad - Santoor
ger oss en magisk musikresa - en raga - i världsklass

Till Poorva Express sajt 
Till Shivganga express sajt
Till Palace on Wheels sajt
Före konserten (runt halv sju - sju) blir det indisk middag - riktigt gott.